work with me

The Coaching Experience

I thrive off of seeing others reach their full potential and having a hand in that, gives me purpose! 

There are so many paths and avenues you can take to reach your goal, which is why I prefer custom options to cater to your specific needs! Typically however, at the very minimum, our interactions would be along these lines…

Vision Session

During our first session, we will discuss your vision and idea. Based on your unique circumstances, I will develop a plan of action, based on your goals and the services I provide. The purpose of this process is to fully understand your idea to ensure I am able to provide you with the support necessary. 

Planning Session

Based on the vision session, I will present a plan of action, that can be altered if need be, to include the services you requested based on your goals. This plan will be a structured layout, with a clear timeline for these goals to be accomplished. The purpose of this process is to ensure that based on your goals and your vision, the plan I have created aligns with that, to your liking. 

Execution Session

Now let the fun begin!!! Throughout our process, we will be meeting periodically to follow up on these goals based on our timeline created. The purpose of this process is to act as an accountability partner to ensure we are moving towards the goal!

Schedule Your Vision Session

Schedule your 1-Hour Vision Session so that we can develop a plan of action catered to your specific needs. Based on your needs and your vision, we will create goals and a timeline to accomplish your goals. Together we will design a program of support based on the services I provide.