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Trenae Watson

Trenae’ has always had a unique niche for helping others reach their goals. Whether those goals were to purchase a home, change careers, or travel, she has always been able to bring out the best in individuals and aid in them reaching their full potential. Years of experience within workforce development brought out her passion for entrepreneurship and assisting others, specifically women and youth, follow their dreams. Oftentimes, having an idea for a great business can become frustrating without the guidance of knowing where to begin or how to bring structure to this idea. Trenae’s experience has not only equipped her to assist individuals on their entrepreneurial journey, it has also created a curriculum for all the basics of starting a business for groups. 


Who I Am

Being a woman of many hats as a wife, mother, daughter, student, entrepreneur,  friend, etc., Trenae’ understands the challenging demands of day to day obstacles. It can sometimes feel like a balancing act with no structure and you can become frustrated and want to give up.  Her goal is to assist others bring their vision to life while overcoming any obstacles they may face. Whether the goal is to bring structure and organization within your current business or if it is to start a new business, She is able to help cultivate your mission and make it a reality.


• Master of Science, Negotiation & Conflict Management
• Mediation Certified
• Harvard Business School, Entrepreneurial Essentials
• Leadership Coaching Strategies

One on One &
Group Coaching

As a visionary, she understands the importance of details. She understands that while you may have a great idea, you may need assistance with the details surrounding the project. It is her mission to take your idea to the next level. She thrives off seeing others reach their full potential and having a hand in that, gives her purpose! So, what are you waiting for? Let's plan and execute!

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The purpose of this process is to fully understand your idea to ensure Trenae is able to provide you with the support necessary. 


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I'm a visionary helping entrepreneurs
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I thrive off of seeing others reach their full potential and it is my passion to share my experiences, lessons, and wins with vast audiences who too, have big ideas but need the motivation to realize them. With my enthusiasm, charisma and wisdom, I not only engage audiences, but inspire and teach them as well.