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Millennial Mrs.


| Its NEVER “either” “or”, its ALWAYS “and”!” |

Intentionally Unapologetic

Whether you are married, single, engaged, or divorced
this platform is for you! No topic is off limits!

As a little girl, I had my entire life planned. From being a wife, my wedding, having children, my home, even the cars I would drive. The only problem was, as detailed as I was, I hadn’t factored “life” in the equation.

Once I acquired these things and accomplishments, how would I balance them? How would I keep them? How would I nurture them?

Better yet, how would I keep me? and continue to nurture me so I wouldn’t become lost in the titles and roles that I become unrecognizable in the mirror?

I was lost and confused and quite frankly disappointed. But I decided instead of staying in that “stuck” place, I needed to find a solution. I began talking with other women and realized some of the same challenges I faced daily, were some of the same other women faced. 

So I decided to create a platform for women to be INTENTIONALLY UNAPOLOGETIC about them. A platform for us to encourage one another by telling our journey through hardships and trials. A place for all women to feel accepted versus judged for “not” being what “society” suggests we should be. Normalizing women living in their authentic truth even if it is not “perfect”.

So even if you never aspire to be a wife, that is ok! Even if you never aspire to be a mom, that is ok! Everyone’s journey is different and unique, so let’s explore together!